First Couple of Finished Paintings…..

I have still got two more big ones to do to complete the series, but here’s the first two, pretty much finished (oh and a wee photo of my studio space, just because  I think it looks nice).





Some new work…

After doing the self portrait per day thing over Christmas I got a little bored of my own face and in fact any face really. As most of the artists I like and have looked at recently work on a more abstract basis ( and usually i do too so no wonder I was bored) I decided to just go back to concentrating on making marks when I got back to uni. The figure (mine) has been gradually reintroduced into the work I have been doing, though often any traces of the figure have pretty much disappeared by the time the paintings are finished- creating what seems like a barrier between the viewer and myself. Blah Blah Blah……. here’s some paintings that I did before the ‘finished’ paintings………


End of Second Year Semester One

All last-minute things are finished and everything is hung for assessment time! It’s a strange feeling when you finally have to leave everything to be graded. Nothing ever feels finished and it always feels like you could do more. The whole thing of having your art graded is also a very strange concept too. We also had the ideal chance to bribe Bob with pints in Braes this morning and didn’t take it…..Oh well fingers crossed!


Painting and Photography Project

In this project im taking inspiration from a series of photographs that I took a couple of weeks ago now.  They are photos of the inside of a large building right beside Duncan of Jordanstone.  Every day I go past it whilst walking to and from uni and always think to myself  ‘I’d love to go and have a look inside.’ so I did….

The  large tenement building,which is covered all the way round in scaffolding at the moment (and has been for some time) is currently being refurbished. Untill recently it was the university of Dundee’s Maths building and before that it would’ve been flats-you can see evidence of both  ‘past lives’  inside.

Although I originally took the photos out of noseyness  and possibly as a reference for painting from I’m actually really happy about how they turned out so I’m going to use them as a series of photos in their own right (possibly in some sort of handmade photo book?!) completely separate from whatever painting I decide to do.






2nd year so far…

I started second year Fine Art almost 2 months ago now and havent had the chance to post anything new yet! I started on my second project just last week so have no photos to upload of that yet. When we started back we had the choice of painting, painting and photography, printmaking, digital film and sculpture, whilst being keen to try most of them I opted for painting. We were encouraged to experiment with oils whilst painting the figure. The project lasted 5 weeks and in that time we had two models. Ive only ever done two paintings in oils before and can see the benifets when painting portraits or the figure and really enjoyed experimenting but for me and the way that I paint I think I prefer Acrylics! As you can tell I got abit paint happy by the end of the project- Im not sure they are even dry yet. Really enjoyed It though!(more of this project to come too)

Last of my Summer Paintings.

Wanted to add the last of my summer paintings before uploading my new 2nd year work…

Tiny mixed media painting. Isperation from photos I took at Catterline.

‘Back to the City’ Finnished painting days before the four multis were demolished. Painted from a collage of photos.

Another Exhibition…..

Three of my paintings will now also be shown as part of a group exhibition at Hallgreen Castle near Inverbervie, along with work from Sharon Mottram, Siobhan Morison and members of  the Mavericks Art Craft Group.  The exhibit runs between September the 10th and September 18th and includes work from many different artists (both professional and amature) working with lots of different media including painting, sculpture, photography and textiles. If anyones in the area between these dates it should definatly be worth a look!  The exhibition is part of the North East Open Studios. Heres a link to their website (We are in number 1 ‘a castle full of art’)….

Something palatable at Montrose Library – Entertainment – Forfar Dispatch

Something palatable at Montrose Library – Entertainment – Forfar Dispatch.

Here’s a link to an article that was in the Forfar Dispatch yesterday about our exhibition. There’s only one full day left for visitors to go and have a look. We will be taking it all down on Saturday. One I have taken them down and photographed some of them I will be selling them both on here and (possibly) a Facebook page that I may create for my artwork. We have had a really great response and lots of really positive comments were also left in the comments book.

Exhibition Hung…..

Really looking forward to the opening. There are a couple of tweaks still to be made on Monday, but we’re almost there! Here’s a few pictures, taken yesterday of how its looking at the moment……

Last day..

It’s the last day before we hang the exhibition, still got a painting to finish and two paintings to frame, eek. Just picked up my personalised postcards too. I got them done at Urban Print on the Perth Road, pretty happy:)

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