First Couple of Finished Paintings…..

I have still got two more big ones to do to complete the series, but here’s the first two, pretty much finished (oh and a wee photo of my studio space, just because  I think it looks nice).





Some new work…

After doing the self portrait per day thing over Christmas I got a little bored of my own face and in fact any face really. As most of the artists I like and have looked at recently work on a more abstract basis ( and usually i do too so no wonder I was bored) I decided to just go back to concentrating on making marks when I got back to uni. The figure (mine) has been gradually reintroduced into the work I have been doing, though often any traces of the figure have pretty much disappeared by the time the paintings are finished- creating what seems like a barrier between the viewer and myself. Blah Blah Blah……. here’s some paintings that I did before the ‘finished’ paintings………



Im not being lazy,promise!only two more days to upload and my laptop has broken.using rubbish phone internet justnow.fingers crossed its nothing too important that is wrong with my laptop!

Day Thirty…

Day Twenty Nine….

I painted this using old brushes and masking tape, using only paint splatters. Some of the shading is a bit off, but I mainly just wanted to see if I could control the splattery effect at all.

Day Twenty Eight…

All up to date now, really enjoyed doing this one.

Day Twenty Seven..

Day Twenty Six…

Day Twenty Five

This one is drawn using felt tip pen and wiggly lines of various sizes, no underdrawing, so not exactly lifelike, fun though.  Only Three more to upload then everything will be up to date again! Updating a blog daily is much harder than i first anticipated, i have lots of respect for people who do manage!

Day Twenty Four…..

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